Thursday, July 23, 2015

14k Gold Filled Nose Ring
Nose Ring in 14k Gold Filled

I'm slowly but surely adding more of my new items that are on my bench into my shop - like these gorgeous 14k Gold Filled Nose Rings!

These endless hoops can also be worn as a lobe earring or cartilage piercing of choice.  I handcraft them in a variety of sizes, with more yet to come.
Endless Hoop Nose Ring

Currently I'm creating these handmade to order continuous hoops in 18g and 20g 14k Gold Filled wire.  The 20g can be made in yellow or rose gold filled, but right now only in yellow for 18g.  I'll soon be listing them in other metals as well, but as always if you have a request, please feel free to contact me via my online shop at Rocki's Artisan Metal.

If you like the ball end version, I do make those in Fine Silver and Copper, plus Sterling Silver which are waiting to be photographed, and soon another metal.

I'm very excited to start listing my other pieces, but there's only so much time in a day. I'll post when that happens.


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