Monday, July 16, 2012

Handmade Jewelry Supply Findings Intro - by Rocki Adams

Handmade Antiqued Ear Wires
I decided to start a second blog dedicated to my work and this post is a brief intro for today. That is me above, well my hands actually ;) and I'm applying an oxidized, hand brush technique to antique an order of Sterling Silver ear wires: my Tiny French Hoops

Oh and my main blog, which I'll be posting more to, can be found here.  That is where I talk about anything that strikes me and also share other talented artists.

My Peaceful Busy Studio
Many years ago, my metalwork bench started out in the garage until I outgrew my little space, at least that’s what hubby said. Then he helped me remodel a spare room into a studio. I don’t know who was happier – me, as I got my very own home studio or very supportive hubby, since he got his garage back! 

Variety of some of my Original Design Signature Kites
What I’m most proud of to date are my original design Signature Kites, which have expanded into an entire series of a variety of ear wires and clasps. Formally titled “Go Fly A Kite”, they came to life in 2008 and, well here’s my orignal blog post with more details of their debut:

Coming from the corporate world many moons ago, I had no idea I had a creative side.  So if you have a goal, don’t let anyone or anything stop you. My motto for many years has been "never give up.” No matter if it is a goal to reach or one of many obstacles to overcome that life throws at you - with a positive attitude, strength, determination, faith, willpower and the love and support of family and friends, you will get through it - usually with a better outcome.


p.s. you can find my work through the below links or the ones on my blog:



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