Friday, March 8, 2013

Kite Ear Wires - Original Signature Series Design

Signature Series Kites - Triangle Shaped Ear Wires
December of 2008 while sitting at my bench, I played around with an idea for a new jewelry finding and out came what is known as my Signature Series Kites - a fun and unique triangle shape ear wire.

I posted my first handmade original design to my Etsy shop in February 2009 and they received a warm welcome.  Since then they have inspired me greatly, and eventually others as well. 

From top left:  Original Signature Kites, Ball Kite II,  Little Kites and Kite II.  The package above is just a sample of some of my Kites and can be found in my Etsy and ArtFire shops.  They are also available in my shops separately.

Antiqued Kite II Sterling Silver Earwires
If you like an oxidized finish, I such as Dark Gunmetal or Antiqued like my Kite II ear wires above, you can find them in my shop as well or just message me.  Besides Sterling Silver, I also create most of my Kites in 14k Gold Filled, Silver Filled and Copper.

Original Design Kite Ear Wires
One thing I love about my handmade original design Kites is how they continue to inspire me.  From a variety of ear wire and clasp findings to earrings... I never know where they will take me next.

Oh and I originally named them "Go Fly A Kite" which you can read about in my original post in my other blog, and the link is in all my Kite listings:


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