Sunday, October 18, 2015

My Artisan Hand Tools for Jewelry Making

Handmade Ear Wires - Hammered Signature Kite II

One thing I take pride in is the fact that I alone, from start to finish, create all my own metalwork jewelry and supply findings.  Except for closed jump rings as I no longer make those (I get them from my bulk metal supplier).  Other than that it's all me.

From designing to creating, packaging and shipping, communicating with my customers, and all the other aspects of operating a business, it keeps me quite busy.  Some people have asked me if I would ever consider hiring others to help me or even join in on the "handmade manufactured" club so that I can get things out quicker, etc.  Honestly, no and no.  Sure, it would lessen my time frame for starters, but it's simply not for me - ever.  I'm a one gal show who enjoys what I do very much.

A few of my hand tools for jewelry making

Anyway, I use a variety of hand tools to create with.  Some are the typical tools such as cutters, hammers, a variety of pliers, etc.  And then there are some unconventional ones, which I'll save for my next post.

So this is just a little peak in my studio for now, but I plan on posting more studio happenings so you can see what I do for a living.  Please know that I'm trying to keep up with blogging and other social networking, but on top of running my business, my home, life, etc., spare time gets kind of thin.  I'm also a birder and on most weekends I'm out in nature with my hubby.  Speaking of, if you love birds and/or nature I post our adventures on Instagram.


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