Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Little Handmade Ear Wires

Tiny French Hoops in Sterling Silver
I create a wide variety of handmade finding supplies in my studio, from classic to unique designs.  Here is a little tiny (pun intended) sample of my Tiny French Hoops and Wee French ear wires.

Sterling Silver Antiqued Tiny French Hoops
If you like the oxidized look, I have two styles: Dark Gunmetal and Antiqued.  The gunmetal style is a rich dark polish and my antiqued version is a hand brush technique for a lighter oxidized finish.

Sterling Silver Wee French Earwires
When you need a classic, but smaller earring wire for your handcrafted jewelry creation, here is my Wee French earwire.  A cute little Shepard's hook! 

Copper Wee French Ear Wires
Besides in Sterling Silver, I also create these adorable little handmade ear wires in Copper, Silver Filled and 14k Gold Filled. 

I hope this little post of my tiny little ear wires was enjoyable :)
Peace, Rocki

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